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The first episode of the Action, Adventure, Drama series Battlestar Galactica (season 1, 2, 3, 4) was released in 2004-10-18 by Syfy. The TV show was created by Allan Kroeker, Marita Grabiak and directed by Ronald D. Moore, Rod Hardy. Actors in the cast include Edward James Olmos, Jamie Bamber, Katee Sackhoff, James Callis, Grace Park, Michael Hogan, Richard Hatch, Donnelly Rhodes. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.7/ 10. Series awards - Won 3 Primetime Emmys. Another 34 wins & 89 nominations..

Series info

The primary season of the reimagined science fiction tv series Battlestar Galactica, commissioned by the Sci-Fi Channel in February 2004, started airing eight months later in the UK and Eire. It premiered on Sci-Fi in the US with a two-hour debut on January 14, 2005. The primary episode of the series obtained a Hugo Award and the season’s 13 episodes have been acknowledged with a Peabody Award “for pushing the boundaries of science fiction and making it accessible to all.”

The primary season is a follow-up to the miniseries which first aired in December 2003.

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air date: 2004-10-18

Within the wake of the Cylon sneak assault, the ragtag fleet of human survivors is compelled to play a lethal sport of cat-and-mouse with their pursuers. Each 33 minutes, they make a soar to a brand new location. And each 33 minutes, the Cylons handle to seek out them. The pilots are getting ready to exhaustion, counting on synthetic stimulants to maintain combating, and the civilians are starting to doubt the management of Commander Adama and President Roslin.



air date: 2005-10-25

Lt. Sharon Valerii wakes up soaking moist within the device room with an explosive cost in her duffel bag. Shortly afterward, a mysterious explosion destroys all of the port-side water tanks on Galactica, making a disaster for your entire fleet. Sharon cannot keep in mind a factor, however all of the proof factors to her as a saboteur. She confesses her concern to Chief Tyrol, however he cannot consider she’s accountable.


Bastille Day

air date: 2004-11-01

The fleet has discovered a supply of water, however who will tackle the troublesome and harmful job of mining it from the icy planet? Commander Adama and President Roslin ship Lee to the Astral Queen, a prisoner transport ship, with a suggestion for its inmates: Volunteer for this mission and earn “freedom factors”.


Act of Contrition

air date: 2004-11-08

After a flight deck accident kills 13 pilots and wounds many others, Kara is thrust into service as a flight teacher and ordered to show a bunch of civilian pilots and academy washouts into full-fledged Viper pilots.


You Cannot Go House Once more

air date: 2004-11-15

When Lt. Kara Thrace goes lacking in motion after encountering a Cylon patrol whereas on a coaching mission, Commander Adama feels accountable — particularly in mild of her latest admission that she blames herself for his son Zak’s loss of life.



air date: 2004-11-22

When a brand new copy of Doral, a Cylon who had been beforehand uncovered whereas serving because the Galactica’s public-relations officer, sneaks aboard and blows himself up, killing three folks, Commander Adama and President Roslin should lastly make public the terrifying secret recognized solely to a choose few: Cylons now seem like people.


Six Levels of Separation

air date: 2004-11-29

When Baltar and the Quantity Six who lives in his head have a falling out, she abandons him, solely to floor a short time later aboard the Galactica. However now she’s known as Shelley Godfrey, everybody can see her, and she or he’s telling them that she has proof, handed on by the late Dr. Amarak, that can show Baltar offered out the human race to the Cylons.


Flesh and Bone

air date: 2004-12-06

A Cylon, who calls himself Leoben, is found on one of many ships within the fleet. Commander Adama sends Kara to interrogate him — or, somewhat, it. The Cylon tells Kara that he planted a nuclear system on one of many ships. Though she does not consider it, Kara passes on the warning.


Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

air date: 2004-12-13

President Roslin’s fears that Commander Adama is a Cylon are stoked when she learns he is making secret wi-fi calls to different ships. Then, to make issues worse, a single Cylon raider seems close to the Galactica and begins performing unusually after being broken in battle.


The Hand of God

air date: 2005-01-03

As its gasoline provide dwindles, the fleet should hunt down a brand new provide of tylium ore or danger changing into sitting geese to any Cylon assault. A recon patrol finds an asteroid stuffed with the gasoline, however there is a catch — the Cylons have discovered it first and established a closely guarded refining plant.


Colonial Day

air date: 2005-01-10

When President Roslin calls an Interim Quorum of the Twelve Colonies, she discovers that democracy brings its ugly stepsisters — politics and lethal intrigue — to the get together. Tom Zarek, the charismatic convicted terrorist, is elected because the delegate from Sagittaron and instantly proposes elections for the vice-presidency.


Kobol’s Final Gleaming, Half 1

air date: 2005-01-17

Whereas flying a provide patrol, Crashdown and Sharon Valerii uncover a bountiful planet that may assist human life. Certainly, it could be Kobol, the legendary “dwelling of the gods.” The invention prompts Commander Adama to ship a floor crew to analyze; it additionally offers new life to President Roslin’s perception that she is a device of future and that this discovery, like her quickly spreading most cancers, is a part of an historic prophecy.


Kobol’s Final Gleaming, Half 2

air date: 2005-01-24

When Commander Adama learns that Kara disobeyed orders and Jumped to Caprica on orders from President Roslin, he calls for the president’s resignation, with the implied risk of a navy coup. Roslin refuses his demand and sparks a confrontation.

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