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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy series Samurai Jack (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) was released in 2001-08-10 by Cartoon Network. The TV show was created by Genndy Tartakovsky and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. Actors in the cast include Phil LaMarr, Mako, Jeff Bennett, Rob Paulsen. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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air day: 2001-08-10

YoungSamurai Jack listens to an account of among his foreshadowers mosting likely to the trio of Magical Monks to obtain a magical sword to topple the shape-shifting wizard/immortal,Aku The sword eradicates Aku to a Wasteland he had actually produced. Aku all of a sudden turns up, without his banishment, and also wreckages the city in spite of the initiatives of the community’s warriors. Young Jack is saved by his mom, and also sees as his home town is ruined.

Followingthis is a collection of occasions. Jack finds out astronomy on a Japanese angling ship, steed riding in Arabia, stick battling in Africa, analysis and also composing in Egypt, battling in Greece, archery in England, cruising from Scandinavian Vikings, axe throwing in Russia, spear tossing from Chinese wanderers, and also unarmed battling and also Chinese weapons from ShaolinMonks

Jackafter that locates his mom that offers him the sword. He launches his realm from enslavement, after that goes off to beatAku After a vibrant and also lengthy fight with Aku, Samurai Jack is flung right into the much future, where he has to pursuit to reverse the future that isAku


TheSamurai Called Jack

air day: 2001-08-10

Jackbefriends some chatting archeologist pet dogs and also finds out of his place: In the future formed by years of Aku’s wicked power. He promises in order to help the pet dogs obtain their flexibility from a life of enslaved gem mining.


TheFirst Fight

air day: 2001-08-10

Akufinds out of Jack’s arrival in the future, and also of the assistance he is offering the pet dogs. He sends out a big military of bug drones to damage Jack and also the pet dogs alike. Jack has actually been active preparing several catches for them nonetheless, when they get here the fight starts in earnest.


Jack, the Woolies, and also the Chritchellites

air day: 2001-08-13

Jackis available in call with a people of animals that use their innovation to suppress a team of allegedly vicious monsters called “”Woolies””Little does Jack, there is even more to the scenario compared to fulfills the eye.


Jackin Space

air day: 2001-08-27

SamuraiJack befriends a future neighborhood constructing a spacecraf to get away Aku’s tyrannic regulation. Jack accepts aid in their getaway by eradicating the clog orbiting the world in return for a journey via time back residence.


Jackand also the Warrior Woman

air day: 2001-11-19

Jacklook for the the enchanting gem the Woolies informed him would certainly have the ability to send him back in time. Locating the last survivor of the race that could disclose it’s place, Jack finds out of the best ways to discover the gem, and also meets a female questing for the exact same gem. They trip via the desert with each other, yet will they have the ability to share the gem if they discover it?


Jackand also the Three Blind Archers

air day: 2001-08-20

SamuraiJack becomes aware of a mystical island which has a well that could give any type of desire. He reaches the island and also uncovers the well is not the only one.


Jackversus Mad Jack

air day: 2001-10-15

Akupositions a bounty on Jack’s head, yet is dissatisfied by the failing of some inefficient seekers, so he produces a bad spirit-clone variation of Jack to complete our hero off forever.


JackUnder the Sea

air day: 2001-09-03

Jacklistens to stories regarding a race of amphibians residing in an undersea city that have a time equipment. He browses them out, and also they accept allow him utilize the equipment, yet the animals have actually not been completely honest. In truth they betray Jack to Aku in return for his pledge to reanimate their sunken city. When Aku betrays them they initially transform all their tools versus Aku, yet that verifies inadequate. They rescue Jack that utilizes his sword to drive Aku off – in return, all he asks is that they provide him a big supply of fresh raw fish.


Jackand also the Lava Monster

air day: 2001-11-05

Calledon by a mystical voice, Jack conquers booby catches and also several challenges to discover that is calling him. Deep in the planet he locates it is an animal made from rock and also lava, that right away tests Jack to a battle, yet why did it ask for Jack?


XI: Jack And The Scotsman

air day: 2001-10-29

Jackbegins to go across a extremely slim and also extremely lengthy bridge. After a while, he fulfills a huge Scotsman going across in the contrary instructions. It being a really slim bridge, neither wants to support to allow the various other pass. When they end up being cuffed with each other by a pack of bounty seekers, The resulting fight finishes. The 2 has to collaborate their initiatives to get away via an overload and also they make it to a town where the seekers take part in some hefty firepower. Jack and also the Scotsman totally free themselves and also with each other remove the seekers. Of program, at the end it appears like one more battle is growing as they go over which one will certainly have the honor of getting the various other a beverage …


Jackand also the Gangsters

air day: 2001-11-26

Jacksigns up with a team of mobsters that benefitAku He additionally accepts assist take the greatly shielded crystal that could provide Aku power over the entire world. Fortunately Jack has not end up being a traitor, yet has his very own strategies of the best ways to turn over the boodle.


Aku’s Fairy Tales

air day: 2001-12-03

Thestories of Jack’s experiences have actually spread out everywhere, and also youngsters are having a good time acting out the tales. Aku, enjoying as the kid playing him is chased after about by Jack and also small and also significant personalities from various other episodes, comes to be angered and also makes a decision to spread out a couple of tales of his very own. However, it emerges that he has no concept the best ways to take care of the interested and also doubting minds of young people as he calls all the youngsters right into a large area and also informs them extremely misshaped fairytale showcasing initial himself as the hero then Jack as the bad guy.

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