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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Drama, Mystery series Star Trek: The Next Generation (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) was released in 1989-09-25 by Broadcast syndication. The TV show was created by Michael Piller, Melinda M. Snodgrass and directed by Michael I. Wagner, Cliff Bole. Actors in the cast include Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Ken Jenkins, Mart McChesney. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

The 3rd season of the American sci-fi tv series Star Trek: The Next Generation started airing in program submission in the United States on September 25, 1989 and also wrapped up on June 18, 1990 after broadcasting 26episodes Set in the 24 th century, the series complies with the experiences of the staff of the Starfleet starship Enterprise- D. Season 3 included the return of Gates McFadden asDr Beverly Crusher after she was changed by Diana Muldaur for the 2ndseason The season likewise saw the launching of numerous stars that would certainly re-emerge in the exact same duties and also others throughout the franchise business, such as Dwight Schultz asLt Reginald Barclay, and also Tony Todd asKurn

Furthermodifications struck the creating personnel, with Michael Piller employed as executive manufacturer after Michael I. Wagner held the setting for 3 weeks. Ronald D. Moore likewise signed up with the personnel complying with the entry of a manuscript for”The Bonding” Hans Beimler, Richard Manning, Melinda M. Snodgrass and also Ira Steven Behr all left the personnel at the end of theseason Actor Wil Wheaton likewise asked to leave complying with the means his personality, Wesley Crusher, was created throughout the season– a choice he later on was sorry for. Other modifications consisted of an alteration to the opening series, and also modifications to the Starfleet attires on the program, which caused the production of Patrick Stewart’s”Picard Maneuver”

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air day: 1989-09-25

Stardate: 43125.8.

A system-wide computer system breakdown puts the staff of the U.S.S. Enterprise in serious threat while they are accompanying a researcher to a star when taking off.


TheEnsigns of Command

air day: 1989-10-02

Stardate: 43133.3

When the initial citizens return and also endanger the homesteaders with destruction if they do not leave within 4 days, a human swarm is compelled to leave an earth.



air day: 1989-10-09

Stardate: 43152.4.

TheEnterprise finds an earth that has actually had actually all life eliminated, besides 2 strange homeowners and also their house, which has actually been left in best problem.


WhoWatches the Watchers

air day: 1989-10-15

Stardate: 43173.5.

Anaway group accidentally damages the Prime Directive and also expose themselves to a primitive society on Mintaka III, creating the citizens think that Captain Picard is aGod



air day: 1989-10-23

Worfand also Wesley needs to aid a 12 years of age kid handle the fatality of his mom; an excavator eliminated throughout an away goal to a deserted world.



air day: 1989-10-30

Stardate: 43205.6.

Whileexamining an old ship left adrift precede, the Enterprise mistakenly journeys the old booby catch that disabled the old vessel over 1000 years earlier.



air day: 1989-11-06

Stardate: 43349.2.

A blind Geordie is caught on a harmful world with a paranoid and also badly woundedRomulan In orbit, a Romulan Warbird is protecting against the Enterprise from trying a rescue goal.



air day: 1989-11-13

Stardate: 43385.6.

TheEnterprise organizes the arrangements for the civil liberties to a freshly uncovered, secure wormhole to the DeltaQuadrant One of the mediators, Devinoni Ral, comes to be brought in to Deanna Troi, yet he holds an uncertain trick.


TheVengeance Factor

air day: 1989-11-20

Stardate: 43421.9.

TheEnterprise staff attempts to repair the connection in between a race called the Acamarians and also an intrigue called theGatherers



air day: 1990-01-01

Stardate: 43462.5.

An abandoning Romulan advises the Federation regarding an approaching assault by the Romulans, that are privately developing bases within the NeutralZone



air day: 1990-01-08

Stardate: 43489.2.

A possibly brand-new participant of the Federation gets the aid of the Enterprise to find a desired wrongdoer that has a credibility for his too much physical violence. However, the fugitive’s activities might not be of his very own will.


TheHigh Ground

air day: 1990-01-29

Stardate: 43510.7.

Dr Crusher is abducted by a team of terrorists while supplying critical clinical products to an earth wrecked by civil battle.


Déjà Q

air day: 1990-02-05

Stardate: 43539.1.

A Calamarian begins striking the Enterprise while looking for vengeance on a vulnerable Q.


A Matter of Perspective

air day: 1990-02-12

Stardate: 43610.4.

When a researcher is eliminated in a surge,Rikeris charged of murder. Picard needs to recreate the current occasions in the holodeck to show his leader’s virtue.


Yesterday’s Enterprise

air day: 1990-02-19

Stardate: 43625.2.

A break in the space/time continuum brings the U.S.S. Enterprise – C onward right into the 24 th Century, and also modifies the timeline. In this future, the Federation goes to battle with the Klingons, Tasha Yar gets on the bridge, Worf did not sign up with the Federation, and also just Guinan’s distinct assumption of truth might bring back the timeline.



air day: 1990-03-12

Stardate: 43657.0.

Datacomes to be a papa when he develops a Soong- kind android through a child calledLal Issues are made complex when Lal begins revealing indications of an even more developed awareness, consisting of the capacity to really feel feelings, which brings in the focus of Starfleet researchers that wish to take her far from Data and also analyze her sophisticated systems.


Sinsof the Father

air day: 1990-03-19

Stardate: 43685.2.

When their dad is billed with treason for assisting the Romulans,Worfis rejoined with his long-lost sibling. Together they make an interest the Klingon High Council to test the costs, and also have them withdrawed.



air day: 1990-03-26

Stardate: 43714.1.

Picardis privately abducted and also switched over with an unusual dual. The staffs’ uncertainties are elevated when he begins showing uncommon practices, and also is eliminated of command.


Captain’s Holiday

air day: 1990-04-02

Stardate: 43745.2.

Whilevacationing on Risa, Captain Picard comes across 2 Vorgons from the 27 th Century that assert they are looking for an effective tool concealed someplace in the world.



air day: 1990-04-23

Stardate: 43779.3

TheEnterprise comes across a ‘living’ ship in the Neutral Zone, and also dangers damaging the Romulan Federation partnership in order to bring it right into call with a Betazoid emissary.



air day: 1990-04-30

Stardate: 43807.4.

A troubled and also worried police officer,Lt Reginald Barclay, puts the Enterprise in wonderful threat when he ignores his tasks in Engineering, and also rather invests his time acting out his dreams on the holodeck.


TheMost Toys

air day: 1990-05-07

Stardate: 43872.2.

Thestaff are smashed by the obvious fatality of Data in a shuttle bus surge, and also are protected against from performing a thorough examination when Starfleet provides orders for a brand-new goal somewhere else. However, the staff do not understand that he was really abducted and also positioned on display screen as component of a collection of beneficial and also uncommon products held by an unethical personality.



air day: 1990-05-14

Stardate: 43917.4.

Spock’s Vulcan dad, Sarek, boards the Enterprise to discuss political connections with theLegaran However, Sarek has agreement Bendii disorder, which triggers a Vulcan to slowly blow up, and also come to be subdued with feelings.


Ménage à Troi

air day: 1990-05-28

Rikerand also Deanna, both on shoreleave, are all of a sudden signed up with by Deanna’s mom, Lwaxana, onBetazed Shortly, all 3 are abducted by the Ferengi that wish to research Lwaxana’s telepathic capabilities.



air day: 1990-06-04

Stardate: 43957.2Dr Crusher comes to be brought in to a hurt alien with strange powers, that is being located by his federal government like a desired wrongdoer.


TheBest of Both Worlds (1)

air day: 1990-06-18

Stardate: 43989.1 An Starfleet professional on the Borg,Lt Cmdr. Shelby, is designated to the Enterprise to explore the loss of a Federation swarm. Picard is abducted by the Borg and also absorbed right into the Collective, which requires Riker to try a rescue goal.

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